Choose from these tiered support plans.

Roxbury Academic Support offers a tiered pricing and service structure depending on student needs. One of our qualified instructors reviews student profiles and makes recommendations for the appropriate level of service. Please contact Ms. Heritage for a student consultation which would include custom pricing.

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  • Roxbury FOUR | 4 x per week | 1:1 Support | Weekly report to parents

    This is the most comprehensive level of the Roxbury Academic Support Program. Roxbury Level Four pairs an individual student with an instructor, one-to-one, for four class periods weekly. This time is scheduled as part of the student’s normal academic day. The Roxbury instructor acts as a learning specialist who addresses the student’s academic strengths and weaknesses, enables them to improve their self-advocacy and executive-functioning skills, along with assisting the student to reach their highest academic goals and potential. At this level, teachers provide the Roxbury instructors a weekly report based on the student’s performance in their classes. The Roxbury instructor then communicates this information to the parents in a comprehensive weekly report.

    Please contact Ms. Heritage for questions and pricing.
  • Roxbury THREE | 3 x per week | 1:1 Support | Weekly report to parents

    The same services as Roxbury Four – but the student meets with the instructor three times a week. Weekly reports are also provided to the student’s parents based on teacher feedback.

    Please contact Ms. Heritage for questions and pricing.
  • Roxbury TWO | 2 x per week | 1:1 Support | Bi-weekly report to parents

    In Roxbury Two, the student meets one-to-one with the instructor two days per week and reports are sent to parents every other week (bi-weekly).  This service is tailored more toward the student who needs some additional direction and strategies in order to develop the tools necessary for a greater level of independence and academic production. 

    Please contact Ms. Heritage for questions and pricing.
  • Roxbury ONE | 1 x per week | Planning & Organization | Monthly report to parents

    This service is designed to serve the student who does not need support daily but could benefit from some additional instruction to develop their organizational and planning skills. Checking in once a week with an instructor allows the student to monitor and increase their success. Reports are sent to parents on a monthly basis.

    Please contact Ms. Heritage for questions and pricing.                                                                                                       
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