It’s all about the journey. Our additional guidance helps students maximize their potential.

Discover how Roxbury can work for you. Your Roxbury Academic Support Instructor is a highly trained, educational professional. The Roxbury Team has more than 60 collective years of experience. From time management to technology tools, our instructors provide the individual guidance you need.

Plot your course. Working one-on-one, your instructor helps guide your journey through the Cheshire Academy experience, develops a plan that capitalizes on your strengths, and promotes areas of growth.

Navigate Success. Your Roxbury Instructor works with you, your teachers, and your family to provide the tools to keep you on-course through regular meetings, progress reports, and communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Do Roxbury instructors give homework?

    Roxbury instructors do not give additional homework. They use the students' assignments to teach strategies to address their learning.
  • Q. Do students stay in the program until they graduate?

    Some students remain in the Roxbury program throughout their enrollment at Cheshire Academy. Some of the factors that influence their time in Roxbury are motivation, acquisition of strategies, college readiness skills, and developmental age. We don't measure student success by when they exit the program, but rather on when they acquire the necessary skills to be an independent learner.
  • Q. Are students prepared to go on to college?

    Over the past 15 years every Senior in our program went on to attend college.
  • Q. What percentage of students out of the total school population are enrolled in the Roxbury Academic Support Program?

    Today, our school population is between 390 and 400 students. Of those students 35 are enrolled in the Roxbury Program, so less than 10% of the total population is made up of Roxbury students. 
  • Q. How many Roxbury instructors work with the students?

    There are six Roxbury instructors.
  • Q. How are Roxbury students viewed in the Cheshire Academy community?

    Because Cheshire Academy classes are inclusive, there is no distinction made between a Roxbury student and a non-Roxbury student.

    Cheshire Academy is a nurturing, diverse school and this extends to the way our students treat each other; the students within our community are supportive of each other.Roxbury students are leaders in all facets of the community, from academics to athletics, to the arts and student life. 
  • Q. Will the Roxbury instructor tutor me in particular subject areas?

    Although we can support students in many subject areas, for more in depth content specific instruction we have a list of recommended, background checked tutors with whom parents can make arrangements for evening tutoring.
  • Q. Are students pulled out of a class for Roxbury sessions?

    No. Each Roxbury session is held during a regularly scheduled class time. Those class times do not take the place of another class.
  • Q. Do you modify classroom requirements?

    All students are required to meet the same expectations. Although we do make some accommodations indicated in formal evaluations or individual education plans we do not change the required material or assessments to suit the student.
  • Q. Are Roxbury students in special classes or is there a paraprofessional in the classroom?

    There are no special classes for Roxbury students. All Cheshire Academy classrooms are student-centered and inclusive of all learners. Each class has a single instructor. Roxbury coaches, however, often visit classes to observe, to assist teachers with addressing various learning styles within lessons, to assist students with gaining a better understanding of how their behavior is impacting their learning, and to assist students with grasping strategies that will help them to meet classroom and course expectations.
  • Q. Will someone supervise my student during evening study hall and walk them through homework at night?

    During the day, Roxbury coaches help students to prepare for the work they will need to do during the two hour study hall at night. Students are then expected to work independently in their rooms during evening study hall. 
  • Q. Who determines the level of service?

    The level of service deemed necessary for success at Cheshire Academy is recommended after careful review of all application materials, including a meeting with the family.  Individual Education Plans, Psycho-educational Evaluations, and teacher recommendations are considered and reviewed by the Admissions Director, the Director of Roxbury, the Coordinator of Educational Services and the Associate Head of School for Academic Affairs. 
  • Q. What are the qualifications of your academic instructors?

    Several of the Roxbury instructors have advanced degrees in areas related to Special Education, English, and the Sciences. Two current Roxbury coaches have classroom educator level training in Orton Gillingham, a reading strategy program. Additionally, one coach has experience as a SAT/ACT coach.

    In addition to these specific educational qualifications, all Roxbury instructors are experienced professionals who are highly knowledgeable in the field of brain-based learning and strategies designed to foster academic achievement including implementation of educational technologies, study skills, and emotional intelligence.


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  • Jude Lemke

    Just a short note to thank you again for everything you have done for my son over the years.  As you probably know, he graduated from Ithaca College this month and I assign much of his success in college to the years spent at Cheshire Academy in your care.  While he has never excelled academically at Ithaca, he successfully navigated a challenging major in just 4 [almost] years.  He managed to do that while working part-time, without medication and passing all his courses.
  • Lucy Lewis

    It's hard to fathom that soon we will stop receiving your weekly reports. They have been our lifeline over these last three years. The thoughtful care you have put into making us feel a part of his academic - and personal - journey has been a gift beyond measure, and no matter how hard we might try, we will never be able to repay you.
  • Michael Annatone

    Daniel has finally become a student.  As a result he has developed self-esteem and has become a happier kid. [...] The weekly detailed assessments of performance is very helpful, allowing us at home to help support the efforts that go on during the school day.
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