Chelsea Espinosa '16 visits Uganda through Princeton program

Chelsea Espinosa ’16 is studying ecology and evolutionary biology at Princeton. She spent eight weeks this summer in Uganda shadowing doctors and learning about the country’s healthcare system through a Princeton internship program. Espinosa reflected on her time in Uganda. Read about it below:
Thanks to Princeton's International Internship Program, I had the opportunity to spend eight weeks in Kabale, Uganda under the Kigezi Heathcare Foundation (KIHEFO). My original plan was to simply observe, ask questions, and learn as much about medicine and health care in Uganda. I shadowed at their General, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, Maternal Clinic, and their outreaches to rural communities. Additionally, another Princeton student and I created KIHEFO's first Annual Report. This involved collecting data and learning what an Annual Report was. And while I did come home with notebooks full of medical notes, I also came home knowledgeable about Uganda's culture and people. I found myself asking about politics, religion, and women empowerment. I found myself sitting around a fire and getting to know people's incredible pasts and future goals. 
Why is it important to support this foundation?
KIHEFO's mission "To fight disease, poverty and ignorance in an integrated and sustainable approach" shows how KIHEFO is aware of how those three realities are interconnected and feed into one another. Their mission has given rise to the four clinics, outreaches, and growing initiatives. Initiatives such as the Rabbit Breeding Project (a male rabbit, two female rabbits, and a hutch are given to poor families so that they can eat the rabbits for protein and sell them for income), Mother Delivery Kits, Ambulance Motorcycle Stretcher Project, Rain Water Harvesting and Filtration Systems, Book Foundation, and the Youth Media Project need funding to offer these initiatives free of charge. Current students in Uganda create GoFundMe's to support these impactful initiatives. 
Any donation and/or sharing on social media is incredibly important to this foundation. Thank you.

Fundraiser for KIHEFO Youth Development Farm

Fundraiser for KIHEFO Rain Water Harvest Tanks


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